Flourish in our Changing World

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Business Purpose and Founder

My name is Mandy Muckalt and I created Roots for Success in 2004 after 13 years as an employee within complex organisational systems. Right from day one the purpose of the business has been about Flourishing. People flourishing and business finances flourishing. Together. Not one at the expense of the other. As a former chartered accountant I believed this was possible. And I still do.

Over the years, this Flourishing theme has remained central to the business purpose. It has deepened too. In response to seismic shifts in our world and in our organisations and my growing conviction that the workplace, with the significance it has in humanity right now and with all its possible shapes, sizes and structures, has the potential to be a powerful positive evolutionary force for people, societies and our planet. Realisation of this potential depends on the ability of people and organisations to adapt to, and flourish in, a rapidly changing environment.

Currently, words that most closely articulate the purpose of Roots for Success are...

"Supporting people going through change and deep transition at work to flourish and grow into role models for the new business paradigm."

These words come alive through offerings designed to support people in embracing change as a pilgrimage of sorts, becoming more of who they are and realising their potential through it, creating aligned new ways of being and operating in business, and serving for the highest good.

If you (individual and collective you) are going through a phase of significant change at work right now I feel qualified to support you because of all the change I have been through in my own life and work. I've been there. I've learnt a lot about travelling through change in complex systems and flourishing in the process. I feel qualified too because of all the people and teams in the workplace whom I have guided on their own journeys of transition and evolution. 

My experience spans many worlds. The worlds of personal and organisational transformation across different industry sectors, business, executive and life coaching, somatic presence, mindfulness, behavioural skills and transitions training, facilitation for boards and teams, accountancy, corporate finance, teaching maths to 11-18 year olds, creative writing, energy systems and energy transformation. All of these inform my approach and allow me to connect and relate to a wide variety of people and workplaces, truly meeting them where they are to support transition to the next stage of their evolution.

Formal qualifications include chartered accountancy ACA, corporate finance diploma, life coaching accreditation, business practitioner of NLP, energetic NLP to level 4,  Torbert's leadership development framework and Margerison-McCann team management system practitioner, 8 week mindfulness programme, first class maths degree and a PGCE in maths.

And when I'm not working? I love to write, read, have enriching conversations, walk in nature and feel the rhythm, cycle, wonder and transition of all things.