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CoCreate in Teams

CoCreating Teams are teams focussed on bringing innovative inspired products and services to customers in ways that serve all involved. Through cocreation each team member embodies a unique and united place in the team’s aims, practices and purposes.  Such teams are a key element of an evolving workplace because they are agile, responsive to what is needed in the marketplace and allow people and organisations to realise their full potential.

I offer 1 day facilitated CoCreate In Teams events to support the cocreation process and hold a space for the whole team to consider enquiries such as:

  • Co​Creation: What are we being called to create together? Do we all want this...is there a shared desire and purpose? How can our leadership, mindset and the way we're organised enable the cocreation process? 
  • Being Ourselves within The Team:  What level of permission (inner and outer) do we have to be ourselves, play to our strengths and acknowledge our unique, essential expression within the team as a whole? How do we honour and hold the tension between the I and the We of the team?
  • Real Conversations: Do we know how to connect authentically and have the honest, respectful, sometimes vulnerable conversations which are essential to cocreation?
  • Boundaries: Are boundaries clear, flexible, strong? Do they enable or hinder cocreation? Do people know who's doing what, by when? 
  • Aligned Action: How can we facilitate aligned action within the team to accomplish results with as much ease as possible?
  • Collective Success: How can we create an environment where individual success and collective success are one and the same? Where one person being perceived as failing means we are all failing?

I also offer 1:1 Coaching Services to team leaders and team members on the theme of CoCreate In Teams.

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