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Creating Resonant Business

Resonant businesses contribute to the wellness and full expression of the planet and its people. These businesses can be thought of as living systems with a unique frequency and potential, that if realised, allows flourishing for all.

We offer facilitated Creating Resonant Business events to support Business Founders, Board Members and Business Unit Heads in expressing the unique resonant potential of their business by exploring themes such as:

  • Resonant Business Consciousness: A new way of experiencing and doing business. A new way of relating to and generating value. A new ways of looking, seeing, measuring and embodying success. 
  • Evolutionary Purpose: The highest level of business raison d'etre for the good of all. The extent to which this purpose is alive, grounded and providing a foundational meaning and sense of community to people. Awareness of how it guides values, aspirations and direction, mindsets, behaviours, proposition and customer base.
  • Whole System Vitality: The vitality of the business as an interconnected system and thriving community. Consideration of the wellness and joy levels of employees, business owners, customers, suppliers. How does it feel working here? Can people be themselves?
  • Cocreative Responsive Flow: The capacity of the system and the people in it to move freely in response to changing conditions allowing easy transition, authentic expression and the cocreation of inspired resonant ideas to serve clients.
  • The Business Space: The physical and energetic space of the business as an enabler or blocker of resonance and flow.

We also offer 1:1 Coaching Services to business leaders on the theme of Creating Resonant Business.